Bocas del Toro Panama is a traveler’s paradise. Anyone in this worldwide destination has their selection of awesome activities –surfing, island hopping, diving, zip-lining, jungle hikes. Pretty much anything you’d consider an adrenaline-pumping pastime, you can find in Bocas del Toro.

While all that action is terrific, sometimes you want to slow down or just shake up your travel routine. That’s why we offer so many free daily activities at Selina Bocas del Toro. They give you the chance to make new friends, relax, exercise, shop, and get the R&R you need to keep on keepin’ on.

Rooftop Yoga

Yoga. Rooftop deck. Fresh breeze. Caribbean sea. If this sounds like a good way to start the day, you’ll love yoga classes at Selina Bocas.

Free for Selina travelers, our yoga classes are led by pro instructors from around the world. Classes take place on our rooftop deck, offering dramatic views of the Caribbean and the colorful streets of Bocas Town.

Yoga is an excellent way to recharge your body and mind. It’ll spit you out strong, energized, and ready for the day ahead– and probably with a few new like-minded friends. You might even undo the damage you did from that overnight bus ride, or 2 AM shots at the bar.

Usually on: Monday and Thursday 8:30 AM, but double-check at reception.

Bocas Bar Crawl

lIf you want to experience Bocas del Toro nightlife in all it’s glory, Bocas Bar Crawl is the answer.

Every week, we gather an unstoppable crew of travelers and party all over Bocas. We hop from one crazy bar to the next, kicking off each spot with a group shot. You’ll party at the best bars in Bocas, have a wild night, and will make a lot of friends in the process.

It’s only $10 to join our Bocas Bar Crawl, which gets you a free shot at every bar we hit and a welcome drink at Selina.

Usually on: Thursdays at 8 PM, but double-check at reception. You may have to sign up in advance.

Rooftop Movie Night

Traveling can take a lot out of ya. Take it easy one evening with our film night on the roof. We roll out a projector, cozy seating, free popcorn and movies we know you’ll love. You kick back, relax, and enjoy a movie under the stars on the Caribbean.

Usually on: Tuesday at 10 PM, but double-check at reception.

Live Music Night

You never know what talented musician you’ll encounter on your travels.Especially in Bocas, which attracts travelers, athletes, and creative types from around the world.

Put their talent to the test at Selina live music nights. We handpick musicians traveling through Bocas, plus bring our own international artists to rock the house.

Usually on: Friday nights at 9 PM, but double-check at reception.

Salsa Lessons

Isn’t it everyone’s dream to be pulled to a dance floor… and actually know what you’re doing? You can blow the crowd (and your dance partner) away after our salsa class, free for Selina Travelers.

Classes start with a free welcome drink, giving you time to make new friends and summon liquid courage. Then, we move into dancing– a fun, low-pressure environment good for beginners and those more experienced.

Usually on: Wednesday nights at 9 PM, but double-check at reception.

Emergent Market

Indulge your artistic side at our weekly Emergent Market, which showcases local and foreign artists and their one-of-a-kind creations.

You can shop handmade pieces, create some art of your own, get a tattoo (henna or permanent!) or just grab a cocktail and watch whatever live performance we’ve got that week. You’ll be on our ocean deck, surrounded by awesome views and even better company.

Usually on: Sunday from 5 to 9 PM, but double-check at reception.

Electronica Warm-Up Party

Get geared up for a long night of drinking, dancing, and questionable decision-making at our Electronic Warm-Up Party.

We bring out top DJs from around the world, sweet drink deals, and the always awesome crowd and atmosphere at Selina. With our fantastic ocean deck and a house full of travelers, there’s no better place to start your night, find your crew, and get your energy levels rocking.

At midnight, we move the party to one of Bocas’ other nightlife spots, out of respect for our travelers with early morning adventures.

Usually on: Saturday nights from 8 PM to 12 AM, but double-check at reception.

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