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The Super Wolf Blood Moon: named for the burning red color and wolves howling from midwinter hunger, this gorgeous moon makes us yearn for fresh experiences. If you’re hungry for travel, for adventure, for trying new things and meeting new cultures, Selina is here to feed your soul.


This Sunday’s Super Moon is the sign you’ve been waiting for. The only question is: how will you celebrate? With a surf package or Detox to Retox retreat? What about boosting your karma points while seeing the world? Whether it’s a winter getaway, Voluntourism package, or a visit to one of Selina’s newest destinations in Portugual, Ecuador, or Colombia, the power of the Blood Moon is calling you. Book now to try something new under this rare moon.


Boutique hotel, co-living space, community rooms: we’re our own thing. Selina is a hospitality network with all types of accommodation to fit the needs of every traveler. Explore our ecosystem of beautifully designed rooms and get ready to depart from the ordinary.

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