Is there anything special I should put on my packing list?

We recommend plenty of reef-safe sunscreen, plenty of surf-friendly swimwear & a few rash guards, and of course, your favorite board and accessories like extra leashes and wax, unless you’re good with skipping the baggage worries and going for a rental. Costa Rica surf towns are friendly, warm, and casual, so bring comfy clothes you feel good about relaxing in.

If you’re thinking about planning the ultimate Costa Rica surf trip, let Selina help. We’re as serious about surfing as you are – and if you’re new to the sport or need a refresher, we’re dedicated to helping you learn. We offer surf club locations near some of the best Costa Rica surf spots, and our guides are eager to show you where to catch the best waves. If you need to rent a surfboard or if you’d like to try stand up paddle boarding, you’ll find plenty of great equipment available in our Costa Rica surfboard rental locations. Traveling outside Costa Rica? Be sure to check in with Selina. We offer surf packages, rentals, lessons, and more at many of our 60+ locations around the globe.

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