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Traveling through Panamá

Just like other countries in Central America the topography of Panamá makes transport more complex. Traveling over mountain ranges takes time but shouldn’t take away from the experience of seeing these picturesque landscapes and enjoying the activities that come with...

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Traveling from Costa Rica to Panamá

The jungle lushness, endless beaches and idyllic islands continue as you transit from Costa Rica to Panamá, or vice versa. While there are similarities between the countries they both have unique elements. A huge drawcard to Panamá is the archipelago of islands on the...

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Traveling through Costa Rica

From waterfalls to national parks, volcanoes to mountain ranges, Costa Rica boasts a diverse landscape waiting to be explored. Due to the country’s unique topography traveling from town to town can often be more challenging than other Central American countries. The...

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Discover Ecuador in Five Different Flavors

Chefs love traveling to Ecuador, and it’s easy to see why. Ecuadorian food is still linked to indigenous traditions, but has evolved to include innovative ingredients and presentations. This country’s cuisine is the ultimate fusion food. Ecuador is home to native,...

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