Ever see a 40-foot whale high-five the sky? (And no, SeaWorld doesn’t count.

Well grab your GoPro and slap on the SPF– ‘cuz it’s whale watching season in Pedasi, Panama.

Pedasi is a cool little coastal town and the site of our newest location, Selina Pedasi. Just 20 minutes from Selina Playa Venao, the area is best known for attracting surfers from around the world– from eager beginners to actual pros.

But the area attracts something else, too. Whales. A lot of ’em– including Blue whales (oh, just the biggest animal on the planet), Humpback whales (known for their ‘knobbly’ head and weird shape), Beaked whales (so-ugly-it’s-cute), and a bunch more you probably don’t know but would love to see.

Why do the whales love Pedasi? Mostly the same reasons we do. Warm water, no predators, plenty of fish to catch. (The whales have yet to comment if they, too, love Venao’s surfing and nightlife.) They consider Pedasi the perfect birthing ground, which means baby whales also make an appearance.

We’re glad the whales like Pedasi so much, because they are mesmerizingto watch.

On a typical whale watching tour in Pedasi, you’ll see ’em jump from the water (an impressive feat at 420,000 lbs), chase each other around, mating (awkward), and smash their tail against the water so hard, the earth shakes. You know, just normal whale things.

Dolphins usually show up, too. They love to show off how smart they are, zig zagging around the boats and casting cheeky grins in your direction. Once, I swearone winked at me.

Bonus: Stop at Isla Iguana Wildlife Reserve

As if chilling on a boat, watching whales and dolphins isn’t enough, there are more reasons to hit up the tour. Like Isla Iguana wildlife reserve. It’s a stunning white-sand island known for epic snorkeling, selfies, and wildlife.

Selina travelers love going here for day trips, so a stopover during your tour pretty much guarantees the best the day ever.

Learn more about Isla Iguana​​

How to Go Whale Watching in Pedasi

Whale watching season in Pedasi runs from June to August each year, so get out there before the gentle giants disappear.

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