A place where the ocean and the jungle meet in perfect harmony

The exuberance of Puerto Viejo will remind you of what’s important. A place where the ocean and the jungle meet in perfect harmony. The diversity of its people and the reggae vibes.. This is the Costa Rican Caribbean!


The Old Harbour asked Selina to dance… and dance we did!! A hostel experience like no other has emerged. Kayaking, snorkelling, surfing, jungle night walks, delicious afro Caribbean food, the mouth-watering chocolate made by soulful Bribri hands and hitting the Dance Hall Reggae night with all your new friends. The world tribe gathers in the perfect location. From dorm rooms to suites this social extravaganza will build lasting bonds that will endure the passage of time.


Eco design

Free activities


Hot water

Common kitchen

HQ matresses


Breakfast buffet


You can flight to Liberia Airport or Tamarindo. From Liberia Airport to Selina is $35 in a shuttle and $100 private transfer & from Tamarindo Airport is $10 in a taxi. No Uber available on the area

The public bus leaves from Terminal 7/10 and drop you off next to Selina, the last stop. It cost around $10

Shuttle service from most Selinas, Santa Teresa, Fortuna, San José, cost over $50

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