12 Destinations. 12 Travelers. 15 Days.
A great escape with 12 global citizens traveling to top destinations in Central America, hosted by Selina.
A road trip around Central America? Heck yes.
Selina is taking 12 travelers from around the world on a tour of some of the best destinations in the region. Along the way, they’ll go on adventures, try new things, and make memories. Do you have what it takes to join the journey?
How it works

To help us spread the word about #SelinaLife, we’re hitting the road with 12 travelers representing 12 different countries to visit some of our coolest, most exciting Selina destinations in Costa Rica and Panama!

Every day we will feature a video episode from our Road Trip Tribe sharing their experience traveling with Selina. We’ll be showing off some top highlights, hidden gems, local secrets, and insider tips.

Sound cool? If you’re from one of these countries, we’d love to have you along. All you have to do is apply in the form below!

What’s in store?
Adventures across 12 Selina Locations ranging from cultural hotspots like Casco Viejo to the tropical beaches of Tamarindo. A traveling tribe of 12 influencers, entrepreneurs, taste-makers, artists, bloggers and musicians from 12 different countries. We will take care of the arrangements, travel and lodging costs, as well as plan your fun-filled days and activities!
Learn to surf
Network at our entrepreneurship hub
Volunteer with Selina Gives Back
Explore with locals
Learn a new skill
Relax and recharge at Vida by Selina
…and make lifelong friends along the way!
*Please note that flight tickets to and from Panama will be paid by each participant. Selina will not cover this cost.
Want to know more?

After you have applied, a 1-month selection process will take place where every potential traveler tackles exciting video challenges to prove they are the perfect candidates for the Selina Road Trip.

In September, we will announce the 12 intrepid travelers joining the Road Trip: keep an eye on our virtual platforms and watch for Selina pop-up events in each country!

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1. From which 12 countries will you be accepting participants?
We are accepting applications for the Selina road trip for anyone from Argentina, Brazil, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Poland, UK, USA. We might also consider Costa Rica and Panama.
2. Can I apply if I am not from the 12 selected countries?
Yes. You can still apply and we will consider your application for Selina Road Trip Round 2. The second Selina Road Trip destination and details will be announced after the completion of the first Selina Road Trip in Costa Rica and Panama.
3. Are the dates of the Road Trip flexible?
We have selected the ideal dates, however we may be willing to adjust the timeline once the 12 travelers have been selected. Some timing adjustments might be possible based on our participants’ availability. We cannot guarantee revised dates, but will discuss with selected participants on a case-by-case basis.
4. Are meals during the Road Trip covered by Selina?
Yes. Three meals per day with one drink are covered by Selina during the Road Trip. Selina will not cover additional alcoholic beverages.
5. Will the accommodation be in private or dorm rooms? If dorm rooms, how many travelers will stay in each dorm?
Accommodation will vary at every Selina. Participants will sleep in dorms for at least half of the experience. Participants will never stay in a dorm of more than six people and, if requested, we will keep dorms separated by gender.
6. Is Panama City both the arrival and departure point of the Selina Road Trip (relevant for booking the flights)?
Yes, Panama City is the starting and ending point.
7. Are the participants obligated or responsible for anything in particular during the Road Trip (ex. provide photos to Selina, take part in videos, challenges or anything)?
The Road Trip is an amazing experience that will be full of surprises every day. We expect from travelers to bring their best, positive attitude. Every day, Selina will record short video episodes highlighting the events of the day and the features of each destination. We expect travelers to take part in the episodes and answer questions. Likewise, we expect participants to post on their social media and make some of their content available for sharing on Selina’s social media platforms (with proper crediting).
8. Is Selina able to provide vegan/gluten free/special needs food during the roadtrip?
Yes, dietary restrictions are something we can accommodate. The Selina menu has healthy options for different preferences and requirements. We ask for any dietary restrictions in advance.
9. Do I need to be able to speak Spanish to participate in this experience?
Spanish is not required. English is mandatory.

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