Costa Rica

Just like the tangy fruit after which the beach is named, Tamarindo is a delight for the senses. A former sleepy fishing village, Tamarindo has quickly become a hotspot for surfers, thrill seekers, nature lovers, partiers, and foodies. Just 30 miles from the Liberia International Airport, park yourself in Tamarindo for beautiful beaches, chic cafes, amazing restaurants, charming boutiques, and a thriving nightlife.


  • Playground: Restaurant-Bar
  • Swimming pool
  • Free WIFI
  • Fully-equipped kitchen
  • Surf Club
  • Yoga lessons
  • Tours & transportation
  • Parties & social events


Selina Tamarindo offers comfort for every traveler, from the social butterfly to followers of “pura vida.” With dorms and suites, join our community and celebrate life with a myriad of daily (and nightly) activities.


For the traveler hungry for the trip of a lifetime, this location has it all. Beautiful beaches and biodiversity share the town with cafes, amazing restaurants, boutiques, and a thriving nightlife. As for daily activities, you won’t have time to do them all: surfing, water sports, fishing, horseback riding, scuba diving, and snorkeling are just a few of the options.



8 hours (approx)

Tropical forests, including sections of montane and dwarf cloud forest, span the park's base, providing safe haven for a host of flora and fauna. Mammals include pumas, jaguar, monkeys-howler, spider, and white-faced-kinkajous, sloths, and tapirs. The east side of the park is exposed to Atlantic trade winds bringing a large amount of rainfall. A drenching 200 inches (500 cm) is liable to fall in any given year, covering the mountainside with lush vegetation. Conversely, the Pacific side has a distinct dry season-February to April-making it ideal for visitors wanting to hike the higher elevations. Trails stem from the Santa Maria ranger station and zigzag their way through the park, covering over 5,000 vertical feet (1,525 m). A sulfuric hot spring is 3 km up the trail from the ranger station, allowing visitors to relax in its naturally heated pools and then cool off in a nearby stream. In close proximity, a trail reveals a number of adjoining waterfalls with perfect swimming holes. Bubbling pools of mud can be found an additional 3 km beyond the hot springs where visitors can observe Rincon de la Vieja's powerful geological forces at work. Las Pailas ranger station is a short distance away, offering visitors a chance to spend the night at the adjacent campgrounds. Ambitious trekkers may elect to hike to the volcano's summit, a somewhat rigorous all-day endeavor, but certainly worth the effort (*). The trail traverses several life zones and distinct ecosystems as it climbs higher up the mountainside. Starting from Las Pailas, the trail curves its way to Von Seebach, which spits geothermal steam into the air as if to warn that an eruption is immanent. This 6 mile (10 km) trail ascends through montane tropical forest, eventually giving way to dwarf cloud forest. The steaming crater lays a half-mile (0.6 km) beyond the last vestiges of shrubbery, through a gauntlet of volcanic talus. With luck, clear skies will reveal an uninhibited view of endless country-virtually the whole of Costa Rica-including both coasts and the shimmering sea beyond. Dry season-November to April-is the best time for visitors to attempt the hike due to a higher probability of sunshine and clear skies. Camping is allowed throughout the park, however, food is not available onsite and should be packed beforehand. Visitors on route to the summit should pack accordingly. Basic accommodations are offered outside the park near the village of San Jorge. Various haciendas offer room and board, plus transportation to the park. * A SERIES OF ERUPTIONS AROUND THE CRATER OF RINCON DE LA VIEJA VOLCANO HAS CREATED A SAFETY HAZARD FOR VISITORS WISHING TO HIKE TO THE CRATER. PERHAPS STABILITY WILL RETURN TO THIS ACTIVE VOLCANO BUT UNTIL THEN NO HIKERS ARE ALLOWED NEAR THE CRATER.

Getting here

From the airport

Selina Tamarindo has two nearby airports: Liberia and Tamarindo. Liberia Airport is about 1.5 hours away from Tamarindo. Take a Selina shuttle ($35) or a private transfer ($100). From the Tamarindo airport, you can hop into a taxi for about $10. Shuttles from the airport leave at 13:30, 14:30 and 15:30. Service during different times of the day is available for groups of 3 or larger. Uber isn’t available in the area.

From another Selina

Take one of our Selina shuttles from Selina Jaco, La Fortuna, Manuel Antonio, San Jose or Santa Teresa. Book a shuttle under the Explore tab.

By bus

From the 7/10 bus terminal in San Jose, ask for the direct bus to Tamarindo run by the Alfaro bus company (tickets start at $10). This bus leaves at 11:30AM and 3:30PM every day. When the bus arrives to Tamarindo, the bus driver will announce the last stop – this is where you should get off. Walk straight for about 100 meters, take the first left, and continue straight for about 2 minutes. You will see the big Selina sign on your left

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