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September 2018

Porto, Portugal

Porto is one of those hidden gems in Europe that’s still largely undiscovered. Experience the true local flavor of Portugal when you stroll among the many UNESCO World Heritage sites and winding alleys of this charming city. Sample port wine straight from the source, stumble upon some amazing street art, take in views from the many lookout points, and spend the day sampling street food while meeting friendly locals. Porto gardens, coastal walks, and historic sites will keep you busy!



La Candelaria – Bogota, Colombia

Bogota is waiting for you with open arms. Head to nearby Zona G for a huge assortment of restaurants, wine bars, and food stalls sure to satisfy every foodie on every budget. Zona Rosa is known for its bustling nightlife and dance clubs that will keep you on your feet till dawn. Check out the city’s art offerings in one of the many museums, or go for a street art walking tour.


Miraflores -Lima, Peru

Lima is a wonderful cosmopolitan city known for its archaeological sites, rich architecture, beautiful beaches, culture and nightlife. Lima is also known as the world capital of gastronomy, with abundance of locally sourced ingredients, mouth-watering fusion dishes, and of course, the excellent quality and passion of the Peruvian chefs.


Hotel Zone – Cancun, Mexico

This is it: the most famous beach party spot on the planet. Cancun’s Hotel Zone is where spring break was born and where the world comes to forget its worries. That’s not all, of course: white beaches, clear blue waters, and amazing food & shopping live side by side with the world-famous clubs and bars of the Party Zone. Experience Cancun the way it was meant to be.


Casco Viejo – Panama City, Panama

Casco Viejo is the historic part of Panama City, filled with colonial style buildings, cathedrals and museums. This UNESCO World Heritage town is filled with bohemian vibes, hip eateries and happening nightlife. You can wander the day around taking pictures of the amazing hidden spots and spend the night dancing under the stars. Tour the Panama Canal, head downtown for views from gleaming modern skyscrapers, visit the jungle or take a day trip to a nearby beach.


Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca is a cultural gem and is easily one of Ecuador’s most heartwarming destinations. A UNESCO World Heritage site, this city is known for it’s important colonial buildings and history. Take in stunning sights of the skyline before shopping the many craft traditions, including ceramics, metalwork and the infamous panama hat. Cuenca is a bustling, bohemian city full of art, culture, and tradition.


La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz will take your breath away – and not just because it’s the world’s highest city. Cradled among the mountains, La Paz is an intense experience. Thrill-seekers will love biking down “Death Road.” The Salt Flats (Salar de Uyuni) and trips down the Amazon are big draws nearby. If that isn’t enough, La Paz’s urban jungle will keep your heart racing. Stunning views at every turn, nonstop nightlife, and fiercely held traditions make this city one-of-a-kind.


Los Heroes – Bogota, Colombia

Bogota is one of the most open, welcoming, and exciting cities in Latin America. The northern part of the city includes the Zona Rosa neighborhood with its hip restaurants, wine bars, shopping and nightlife, as well as the open-air market of Usaquén. Be sure to check out Zona T, a pedestrian-only paradise of shops, bars, clubs, food and the vibrant heart of the city.


Cusco, Peru

Whether you want to explore ancient ruins or trendy food, Cusco is your ideal base of operations. This was the capital of the Inca empire from the 1200s to 1500s AD. Travelers today know it as the gateway to Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley of the Incas and other sites, as well as a hotspot for cutting edge cuisine and affordable shopping. Explore all this mountain town has to offer!


Little Havana – Miami, U.S.A.

Miami rises out of the Atlantic Ocean like a modern day Atlantis. A colossal city full of skyscrapers, vibrant neighborhoods and 1930s mansions, it’s a tourism destination for people from all over the world. Dance the night away in South Beach, drink in the Art Deco architecture, sample Cuban cuisine, or visit some of the world’s best art galleries. Whatever your pleasure, Miami takes the heat!

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