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Quito, Ecuador

Quito is dramatically situated high in the Andes. It is a mixture of warm and relaxed, traditional Ecuadorian Sierra culture with market stands, shamanic healers, hatmakers and a sophisticated culinary and nightlife scene. This city is defined by a both old colonial Spanish vibes and sprawling modernity.Quito is the cultural heartland and political capital of Ecuador. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has captivating 17th-century facades, picturesque plazas and magnificent art-filled churches surrounded by mountains.


Bogota La Candelaria, Colombia

Bogota has arrived and is waiting for you with open arms. Head to nearby Zona G for a huge assortment of restaurants, wine bars, and food stalls sure to satisfy every foodie on every budget. Zona Rosa is known for its bustling nightlife and dance clubs that will keep you on your feet till dawn. Check out the city’s art offerings in one of the many museums, or go for a street art walking tour.


Casco Viejo, Panama

Casco Viejo is the historic part of Panama City, filled with colonial style buildings, cathedrals and museums. This UNESCO World Heritage town is filled with bohemian vibes, hip eateries and happening nightlife. You can wander the day around taking pictures of the amazing hidden spots and spend the night dancing under the stars. Tour the Panama Canal, head downtown for views from gleaming modern skyscrapers, visit the jungle or take a day trip to a nearby beach.


Lima, Peru

Lima is a wonderful cosmopolitan city known for its archaeological sites, rich architecture, beautiful beaches, culture and nightlife. Lima is also known as the world capital of gastronomy, with abundance of locally sourced ingredients, mouth-watering fusion dishes, and of course, the excellent quality and passion of the Peruvian chefs.


Baños, Ecuador

Baños has it all. Amid the Andes Mountains and super close to the Tungurahua active volcano, you’ll easily feel the energy and mysticism that envelops this small town. You’ll also get your full of thrills being this close to the jungle and the plethora of adventure activities awaiting you.


Miami, U.S.A.

Miami rises out of the Atlantic Ocean like a modern day Atlantis. A colossal city full of skyscrapers, vibrant neighborhoods and 1930s mansions, it’s a tourism destination for people from all over the world. Dance the night away in South Beach, drink in the Art Deco architecture, sample Cuban cuisine, or visit some of the world’s best art galleries. Whatever your pleasure, Miami takes the heat!


Palomino, Colombia

Welcome to one of Colombia’s best-kept secrets. This small, coastal town has it all. Enjoy views of the snowy Sierra Nevada mountains while you walk down the white sand beach to visit indigenous villages. Go from the beach to salsa dancing to sharing dinner with your new friends –you will never experience a Colombian evening like one in Palomino. This is one of Colombia’s most perfect destinations.


Bariloche, Argentina

Visit Bariloche and feel like you stepped into a whole different world. This village is surrounded by stunningly beautiful lakes and breathtaking Andes mountains. You may have heard of Bariloche’s infamous skiing but it’s also a great destination for trekking and climbing, water sports, fishing, horse riding, and sneaking in a trip to Chile’s lakes region. By night, this town sure knows how to party. Are you ready?

Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca is defined by its tree-shaded streets, authentic foodie scene, and intensely beautiful cultural heritage. This colorful destination offers top-class museums, archaeological sites, markets you can get lost in, and wide-open plazas where you can listen to music while you catch your breath. Refuel with some of the best tacos and mezcal in Mexico before diving back into the bohemian bar scene and seriously photogenic street art!

Ica, Peru

There are endless reasons to visit this mysterious city. Channel your inner Indiana Jones by exploring pyramids, searching for mummies, or surfing the sand dunes. Stop by the Nazca Lines or the Paracas National Park to see penguins. Don’t miss the live music, parties, rich Afro-Peruvian culture (creole) and some of the best pisco in the world. Ica is an unforgettable journey: adjust your expectations accordingly.

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