What are some Cancun Shopping Highlights?

Shopping in Cancun is one of the perks of visiting this little paradise, that is, if you’re strong enough to drag yourself from the powdery and sugar-white beaches and the Caribbean waves. You’ll find hundreds of purpose-built stores both along the Cancun hotel strip as well as downtown.

Try Plaza las Americas, Forum by the Sea, Mercado 28, Plaza la Fiesta, Plaza Flamingo, Coral Negro, or La Isla. These are some of the best shopping centers and malls in Cancun, offering much more than just stores: You can get a mani/pedi, catch a movie, or even commemorate your trip with a brand-new tattoo or piercing. The sky’s the limit!

You can still shop if you’re visiting Cancun on a budget. There are lots of cool flea markets and local shops, and haggling is common (as well as expected) at many of these. Great deals are easy to find when you take a little time to look!

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