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By David Bolaños on Aug 09, 2022

New York is the greatest city in the world and everybody’s dream destination. Often abbreviated NYC to differentiate it from the state of New York, the Big Apple receives 30-60 million visitors annually. Some people come for its sites: the Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center and Broadway. Others come for its museums, while it’s the food scene and nightlife for others, there is no shortage of things to do in New York.

New York is a fast-paced city buzzing with complex airport links. So, it’s understandable when jet-lagged out-of-towners find it overwhelming to negotiate multiple Newark to Manhattan transportation options.

There are three major airports you can fly into when visiting New York City- JFK, LaGuardia and Newark. This guide will be about how to get from Newark Airport to Manhattan.

Whether you’re interested in the quickest or cheapest way to get from Newark to New York, this post has all the information you need from prices to transfer time and who should consider each Newark to NYC transfer option.

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How far is Newark from NYC?

The distance from Newark airport to NYC is 13 to 19 miles, depending on the route and transportation option. We bet you’re already aware that Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) is not in New York. Rather, it’s in the neighboring state of New Jersey in Newark City, Essex County.

Arriving in a state other than your final destination may not sound like the best idea, especially if you’re short of time for your New York City vacation. The good news is that it takes almost the same time to get from EWR to NYC if you’re arriving at JFK or LaGuardia Airport.

For instance, the journey from Newark Airport to Times Square by taxi takes 19 minutes, roughly three minutes faster than one from John F. Kennedy Airport.

That being said, a journey from EWR Airport to NYC is much more convenient if you’re staying in the lower half of Manhattan. Another reason most people fly to Newark Airport is that it’s less busy than JFK and LaGuardia. And despite its return to JFK in New York, United Airlines still considers EWR its hub. That’s to say, United fans have more flight options at Newark Liberty International Airport.

Taking the Train from Newark to Manhattan NYC

Most New Jerseyites and Yorkers will agree that the train is the easiest and cheapest way to get from Newark Airport to Manhattan. A one-way Newark to NYC train transit ticket costs $15.25 for passengers 12 years and above and $3.50 for children ages 5 to 11. Kids 4 and under don’t pay.

The train from Newark to NYC takes around 40 minutes. However, the entire journey could take up to one hour once you factor in the average wait times and periodic delays.

Taking the train from Newark Airport to New York City is a two-step process, but it’s pretty straightforward. The process involves taking the Airtrain from Newark Airport terminal to Newark Airport Railway Link station, where you take the actual train to New York.

You’ll need only one ticket for the Airtrain and New Jersey Transit train. Speaking of which, you can buy the tickets at the airport or the train station. We’d recommend buying the tickets at the airport because the train station can get overwhelmingly crowded.

After claiming your baggage, follow the Airtrain signs to the departure area. The departure area is one escalator above the baggage area and has vending machines where you buy the tickets. The ticket machines accept bills, coins and credit cards. Importantly, ensure that you choose New York Penn Station, not Newark Penn Station.

After buying the train tickets, board the Airtrain and alight at its only stop- Newark Liberty International Airport Station. Airtrain in Newark is fully automated and driverless. It runs 24 hours daily throughout the year and arrives every 3-5 minutes daily.

At Newark Airport Station, use your ticket to board the NJ Transit train. The train arrives every 15-20 minutes during regular times but may take slightly longer during off times. Note that the NJ Transit train is not 24/7. It runs between 5 AM and 1 AM.

If you arrive when there’s no service, you can either wait or consider other options of transport from Newark Airport to New York City, including a cab, subway, bus or shuttle. After boarding, the NJ Transit train stops at Newark Penn Station and Secaucus before reaching New York Penn Station, its last stop.

Taking the EWR to NYC Train – Our Thoughts

At $15.25 for a 40-minute trip, the Newark to NYC train is easily the cheapest and fastest way of getting from Newark Airport to Manhattan. This will be the best option if you want to travel like a local and save money while at it.

Another advantage is that Airtrain and NJ Transit trains stay off the road, meaning you won’t experience NYC congestion.

Our only reservation is if you’re traveling with multiple oversized bags and several kids because there’s a lot of walking involved. Also, unless you’re staying in Midtown Manhattan, you may still need to take the subway, a cab or a taxi to your final destination.

Get on a Bus From Newark to Manhattan NYC

The second cheapest way of moving from EWR Airport to Manhattan is using the bus. Newark Airport Express operates buses from each of the three terminals at the airport. That’s to say that you don’t need to take the Airtrain to Newark Railway Link Station.

Once you collect your baggage, you only need to head to level one of the terminal you’re arriving at. The bus will be waiting right outside. The travel time from Newark to downtown Manhattan by bus takes 45-60 minutes.

Tickets for the express bus from Newark, NJ, to NYC cost $17 for a one-way trip and $30 for a round trip (adults 17 and up). Children 0 to 16 years old pay $5 one way and $10 for a round-trip, while seniors and travelers with disabilities pay $8.50.

The round-trip ticket is an incredible way of saving some bucks, particularly if you’re planning to fly out of the same airport. The bus tickets are valid for use for up to 365 days.

Note that Newark Express Bus tickets must be digital. It’s advisable to buy your tickets in advance at to avoid unnecessary hassle when you land.

The bus from Newark to NYC runs from 5 AM to 1 AM daily throughout the year. The buses depart every 15 minutes (a little bit less frequently, early in the morning and late at night).

After departing from Newark Airport, all the express buses make three stops in Midtown Manhattan:

  • Grand Central Station (41st Street between Park and Lexington Avenues)
  • Bryant Park (42nd Street and 5th Avenue)
  • Port Authority Bus Terminal (41st Street between 8th and 9th Avenues)

This is very convenient, especially if your hotel is near one of the stops. Even if you need to travel further, there are subway stations near each drop-off point.

Taking the Bus from Newark Airport to Manhattan – Our Thoughts

The express bus from Newark Airport to Manhattan could be a few dollars pricier than the train. But it’s cheaper than grabbing a cab or Uber or taking the shuttle.

Additionally, it’s super straightforward and convenient if you’re traveling with several large bags. Also, if your hotel is near any of the three Newark Express drop-off points in Manhattan, then the few extra dollars are worth it, in our opinion.

On the downside, note that Newark Express Bus seats can’t be reserved, meaning they are subject to availability. And like other road transfer options, note that the actual travel time from Newark Airport to the city is at the mercy of the traffic gods.

Hop on a Taxi From Newark to Manhattan NYC

New York may have one of the best public transportation systems in the world. But there’s no arguing that the entire process may prove quite confusing, especially for globetrotters outside the country. In that case, taxis offer the most convenient solution for how to get from EWR to Manhattan for first-time visitors.

The biggest advantage of taking a yellow taxi from Newark to New York City is the convenience of being chauffeured door to door, meaning you don’t have to deal with transfers.

Like JFK and LaGuardia airports in New York City, Newark Airport has taxi stands just outside each terminal. The best part about Newark to New York City taxis is they are available 24/7. However, like in any other major city, remember that using a taxi from Newark to Manhattan, New York City is pricey.

A taxi ride from Newark Airport to Manhattan costs $50 to $75, depending on where you want to be dropped off around the city. Keep in mind that this price does not include bridge or tunnel toll costs (around $12.50) and surcharge during weekday rush hour (usually $5).

Also, there is a surcharge if your luggage exceeds 24 inches. And don’t forget to include a tip- it’s customary for good service. The extra costs could add up to $30-$50 on top of the base fare.

Taxi from Newark to New York City – Our Thoughts

Taking a taxi is one of the most convenient solutions for how to get from Newark to NYC. This is a nice way to avoid wait times and numerous transfers if you have the budget. But keep in mind that this convenience comes at a steep cost.

In that case, we’d recommend taking the Newark to New York City taxi if you’re traveling in a group of up to four people. The taxis at Newark Airport can only carry groups of up to four people. You’ll need to consider other transportation options if there are more than four people in the group.

Uber or Lyft From Newark to Manhattan NYC

Uber and Lyft are other alternative methods of transportation from Newark Airport to Manhattan. Uber and Lyft will particularly come in handy if you’re traveling as a family or group of more than four people and appreciate a bigger vehicle.

Another perk of taking Uber or Lyft from Newark to New York City is the privilege of having a driver already waiting for you as soon as you land. This means a lot if you wish to avoid the long taxi queues in the airport during rush hours (5-11 AM and 7-9 PM) and busiest days (Thursdays and Fridays).

How to Use Uber at Newark Airport

Newark Airport has a waiting zone where Uber and Lyft drivers can pick up travelers. This zone is geolocated, meaning the drivers must be there to get ride requests. You also need to be in this specific zone to order your ride. This is to minimize wait times for both parties.

Once you’ve collected your luggage and cleared with the security, follow the signs to the Ground Transportation and Passenger Pick-Up area on the arrivals level. After getting to the pick-up area, order your Uber ride as you normally do. Be sure to choose the right car size for the number of passengers and your suitcases.

After ordering, you can send the driver a quick message via the app to let them know you’re waiting outside. Let the driver know where you’ve exited, so both of you don’t waste a lot of time searching for each other.

Once your ride arrives, look for a Uber sticker at the back or front window to verify that the driver works for Uber. Asking the driver who they are there to pick up and matching the car’s license plate with the one on your phone are other ways of ensuring that you’re boarding the right Uber.

A single Uber or Lyft ride from Newark Airport to New York City costs $50-$60 before adding toll charges and surcharges. The estimated travel time from Newark Airport to New York City is 40 minutes during off-peak hours.

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Taking Uber/Lyft from Newark to New York City – Our Thoughts

Like taxis, Uber from Newark to Manhattan is a convenient transportation option because it delivers you door-to-door. You don’t have to worry about navigation and transfers. Uber/Lyft will be much cheaper than the yellow cab from Newark to New York City. Another advantage of using Uber or Lyft is that their prices are locked in, so the chances of being ripped off are pretty low.

Uber/Lyft is significantly pricier than taking the train. But it’s a lot more convenient and easier to use, especially when everyone in the family or group is jet-lagged and tired.

Newark Airport to Manhattan Shared Shuttle Services

Newark Airport to Manhattan shuttle is a great way to balance cost and convenience. Ride-share shuttles offer the convenience of door-to-door rides, yet they are considerably cheaper than taxis. Shared shuttle services are

Shared shuttle services are a convenient option whether you’re traveling alone, with a family or large group. Speaking of which, New York City shuttle companies, such as Go Airlink, Supershuttle and Carmel, have vehicles for 3, 7 and even 10 passengers.

You can request shared shuttle services at the ground transportation help desk in the baggage collection area. But the best option is to reserve your seats online in advance.

Newark to New York shuttle costs vary depending on where you want to be dropped, but it’s almost always cheaper than a taxi. For instance, a shuttle ride by Go Airlink from Newark to downtown Manhattan costs $40.95 per adult with up to two bags. A similar ride in a standard SUV with enough space for five passengers and up to ten bags will cost around $205 per vehicle (including taxes and tolls).

Shuttle Services from Newark to New York City – Our Thoughts

These ride-sharing vans are a great alternative for travelers who want the benefits of a taxi without the high costs. This option is not only cost-effective but also saves you the hassle of dealing with bulky bags in other methods of public transportation.

However, remember that you can’t be so sure about your travel time when using shuttle services. Because the van drops off passengers at their respective accommodations, the travel time may range from 40 minutes to over an hour.

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That just about concludes our guide on how to move from Newark Airport to Manhattan. We hope getting to the Big Apple from an airport outside the state no longer seems intimidating. Remember, the cheapest way of moving from Newark Airport to New York is by train followed by bus.

If you like the convenience of being dropped right at the door of your NYC hotel and don’t mind paying a little more, then the shared shuttle services will suit you more. Lastly, if you want to get to your hotel as fast as possible and don’t mind paying more, then a taxi is what you need.

Newark Airport to Manhattan FAQs

  • What is the easiest way to get from Newark Airport to Manhattan?

    The most efficient and economical way of getting to Manhattan from Newark Airport is by train. However, if you’re traveling with a group and have a lot of luggage, a taxi, Uber, or shared shuttle services might be more convenient.

  • Are there shuttles from Newark Airport to Manhattan?

    Yes. Shuttle Fare and Go Airlink are among other companies that offer shuttle services from Newark Airport to New York City. Shuttle service offers a compromise between convenience and cost.

  • Is AirTrain free at Newark airport?

    Airtrain is free to use within Newark Liberty International Airport. This three-mile automated, driverless system connects all the three terminals to the parking lots, hotel shuttle areas and rental car facilities. Passengers using the Airtrain to connect to Newark Airport Railway Link station must pay a $7.75 fee. This fee is included in your NJ Transit ticket.

  • Does NJ Transit ticket work for AirTrain?

    Yes. NJ Transit tickets purchased at ticket windows and ticket vending machines will work for Airtrain because the fee is included automatically.

  • Which airport is closest to Manhattan?

    New York Skyports Seaplane Base is the closest airport to Manhattan, followed by LaGuardia (8 miles), Newark (13 miles) and JFK (16 miles).

  • Is it easier to get to Manhattan from JFK or Newark?

    JFK is the easiest to get to/from because it’s well served by public transportation, including the subway. Though Newark is not on the NYC subway, NJ Transit trains offer a faster and simpler way of getting to midtown Manhattan.

  • How far is Newark train station from the airport?

    Newark Airport Railway Link station is five minutes from Newark Airport using the Airtrain.

  • Does Uber or Lyft pick up at Newark Airport?

    Yes. Newark Liberty International Airport allows Uber to pick up travelers from the airport. Once you exit the terminal, there are signs to lead you to Ground Transportation and Passenger Pickup. This is where Uber drivers wait to pick up travelers.

  • How much is a taxi from Newark Airport to New York City?

    Taxi from Newark to Manhattan costs $50-$70, depending on where you want to be dropped off, time of day and traffic.

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