CircAsana Yoga is Coming to Selina Red Frog

By Camila Perez on Dec 10, 2019

When we first arrived in Bocas Del Toro, it wasn’t long before we fell in love with its beautiful Caribbean beaches, diverse wildlife (complete with daily sloth sightings!), and of course, our beautiful aerial yoga shala nestled among the plush Panamanian jungle.

  • 1. What is CircAsana Yoga?
  • 2. Which Program is Right For You?
  • 3. What Will I Gain From the Program?

With its vibrant community and incredible coworking spaces, Selina Red Frog’s campus is the perfect destination for yoga retreats, so much so that we dubbed it our “Younicorn Island,” a tribute to how creative and playful it made us feel.


What is CircAsana Yoga?

CircAsana yoga specializes in blending circus art techniques with the mindfulness of yoga, creating a platform for creative play and authentic self-expression. Our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course is 5-star Yoga Alliance rated, and focuses on developing your unique yoga voice with the help of research-backed personal development techniques and positive psychology. We also offer daily workshops on conscious business skills, self-promotion as a new yoga teacher, and effective communication and presentation skills.


Which Program is Right For You?

The first training program we offer is 200 hours of yoga teacher training, spanning over three weeks. Amongst other things, you’ll embark on an in-depth exploration of anatomy and physiology, yoga philosophy, and cultivating authentic teaching practices. Geared towards anyone looking to dive headfirst into yoga teacher life, you’ll receive a three-week tropical escape from the “real world,” as well as all the tools, skills, and mindsets you need to build your individual practice. Finally, you’ll better understand and connect with yourself, others, and the world around you.

“I absolutely loved my yoga teacher training with CircAsana, plus I was ready to teach straight after I left. This course helped me to question my own beliefs, play on my strengths, and understand how I want my life to look. As well as learning yoga poses and how to sequence them, I loved how they integrated science, circus, and yoga. The program is liberating- I made amazing friends in a stunning location and I’m looking forward to my next training session with them! Thank you!”
-Elise, January 2019 200 hour YTT

We know three weeks is a long time to escape from daily life, so our second option is 30 hours (one week) of Aerial yoga teacher training. Just like in our 200-hour class, we explore playfulness and mindfulness, however, this shorter program focuses on the aerial hammock, a tool perfect for modifying yoga practices to fit each and every level. Inspired by the beautiful island of Boca Del Toro, we combine the poses and breathwork of yoga with the creativity, grace, and dance of the aerial arts.


What Will I Gain From the Program?

We do our best to leave our participants with all they need to become the next generation of successful yoga teachers. We help you cultivate your confidence as a teacher so you can safely share your practice anywhere you want. Whether you choose to stay for one week or three, you’ll cultivate deep connections within our international YOUnicorn network based on a love for CircAsana yoga and aerial yoga sequence practices.

Without a doubt, the hardest part of either module will be going home. CircAsana knows this (it’s hard for us, too!) which is why there’s even a chance to extend your stay at Selina Red Frog Beach after graduation!

Bocas Del Toro is a dream, a tropical playground full of bright, playful souls who want to grow, move, and create. CircAsana wants you to be a part of our world- a world where you can disconnect, practice yoga, and become part of our international family. By combining this unique tropical paradise with incredible connections, we ensure you leave us with a life you no longer feel the need to escape from.

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