Co-Working Your Way Through South America

By David Bolaños on Oct 28, 2020

Not too long ago, the concept of loosening community ties, spreading your wings, and becoming a digital nomad seemed more than a little unusual. These days though, it’s easier than ever to pack a couple of bags and leave home behind. Shared coworking space – complete with fast internet, comfortable seating, and of course, all the coffee you care to drink – makes it simple to live and work anywhere. With South America travel offering opportunities for endless adventure, it’s the ideal fit for digital nomads who long for fun in the sun.

In this guide, we'll take a look at:

  • 1. Why South America?
  • 2. Not a digital nomad (yet)? Here’s what you need to know
  • 3. South America’s most popular coworking destinations
  • 4. Ready to find your next destination?

Why South America?

Gorgeous beaches, a fabulous climate, stunning scenery, and low cost of living are a few reasons behind the growing popularity of South America as remote work destination. In short, it’s the ideal place to earn an income doing a job you love while relaxing and living life to the fullest during downtime.

Coworking in South America means you have the opportunity to explore vine-covered Pre-Colombian temples at Miraflores, dance ‘til dawn at the hottest mega-clubs in Bogota, or experience Brazilian beach life at Floripa. It means working as much as you need to (or want to), having access to blazing fast internet (or pretty good internet at some remote destinations), and of course playing to your hearts content. And as it turns out, many of the best places to visit in South America also happen to be coworking hotspots. Cusco, anyone?

Not a digital nomad (yet)? Here’s what you need to know

Working remotely means taking full advantage of coworking space benefits. Curious about co-living and shared office space? Wondering if the idea of working while embarking on a South America trip is right for you? You’ll definitely want to dig deeper into the concept of becoming a digital nomad.

Every coworking space has a unique vibe of its own, but most have some things in common starting with desk space for rent and at least a few private office work spaces that might house a couple of architects, a handful of game designers, or perhaps a local nonprofit. You never know who you’ll meet when the whole world (or at least South America!) is your office.

Selina Cartagena

Enjoy the ultimate remote living experience and find your home-away-from-home at Selina Cartagena!

Most well-equipped coworking spaces have meeting rooms, along with a few private booths where you can Skype or take calls without catching the side eye from others. Some venues – like Selina – take it to the next level, offering an entire menu of experiences along with on-site accommodations that cover needs you might not even realize you have!

At popular destinations from Rio de Janeiro to La Paz, you can settle into a coworking hotel complete with a pool, gym, yoga deck, hammocks, and a whole lot more – many have their own bars with live entertainment.

It’s a great time to be a digital nomad as coworking and coliving have reached new heights. Besides a variety of shared housing options, top coworking companies take amazing care of their guests with perks such as on-site restaurants, shared kitchen space, movie rooms, and other extras designed to keep you comfy and well-fed.

Feel like getting away for a while? Exciting adventures and tour packages to some of the hottest landmarks in South America make your downtime better than ever. Surf, zipline, go canyoning, explore a volcano, or simply wander through colorful markets with local drinks, and delicacies to fuel you up for whatever’s next.

Once you’ve experienced life at one location, head on to the next. That might mean moving on to a nearby town or heading for a different country. Brazil? Peru? Colombia? They’re all amazing destinations for coworking in South America – and as a digital nomad, where to go next is all up to you.

You’ve got to make money between all the fun. Depending on where you end up and what’s available, you might have the ability to reserve a dedicated desk for a set period of time – they’re usually offered by the week or by the month. This is the next best thing to a private workspace: It’s a desk to call your very own, where you can leave a few essentials and lighten the load you carry during your daily “commute” even more. At the busiest shared workspace locations, dedicated desks guarantee that you’ll have a place to take care of business, and that you won’t have to wait your turn or arrive extra-early to get your pick of coworking desks.

In case your itinerary covers a few of the best South American countries to visit over a fairly short period of time, you might prefer to use a hot desk, which is available on a first-come, first-served basis, either for a full day or just a few hours at a time. Imagine coworking in Buenos Aires for a few days and then moving on to Cartagena. It’s just one of many possibilities!

Wherever your travels take you, you’re likely to find yourself rubbing elbows with digital nomads from just about every walk of life: Accountants, web designers, writers, virtual assistants, and digital marketers are just a few types of coworkers who embrace the opportunity to complete tasks from a collaborative workspace. You’ve always got a support system, networking is a breeze, and should you want them, opportunities to collaborate are never far away.

South America’s most popular coworking destinations

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia aren’t just amazing places to visit: They also happen to be among the hottest coworking destinations in South America. You can find coworking spaces in most cities and even in some smaller towns, but there are definitely a few favorites.

Selina Cartagena

Enjoy the ultimate remote living experience and find your home-away-from-home at Selina Cartagena!

Buenos Aires, or the “Paris of South America” is a world-class destination that’s often compared to western Europe. Trendy cocktail bars, gorgeous green spaces, craft markets, and boutiques are all part of this unique city’s fabric.

La Paz puts you in touch with Bolivia’s cultural heritage – and as one of the world’s new seven wonder cities, it’s a must visit. As La Paz tis he world’s highest city, digital nomads come prepared for epic experiences. If paragliding, rappelling, or riding Death Road isn’t for you, there’s always llama trekking, chilled out jungle adventures, and foodie tours – not to mention never-ending mountain views.

Rio de Janeiro brings international travelers of every stripe together. Best known for its vibrant nightlife (even outside Carnival season!), Rio has a bustling art scene, tons of museums, and some of the hottest beaches anywhere on the planet. Avoiding areas that seem too touristy? Head to Sao Paulo instead!

La Fortuna, Costa Rica might be a quiet agricultural town but it’s the perfect destination for digital nomads who long to zipline through the trees, relax in crystal-clear hot springs, or try their hand at waterfall rappelling once working hours have come to an end. Speaking of work – this location is outstanding for anyone who prefers to leave distractions behind and simply focus.

Bogota: It’s home to quite a few quirky neighborhoods, not to mention incredible natural surroundings and tons of things to keep you happily occupied in your free time. Whether you’re in the mood for adventures such as rock climbing or if you feel like visiting museums and cultural sites (the Zipaquira Salt Cathedral is a unique one), you’ll enjoy every minute you spend in Bogota.

Coworking in South America is all about the experience. Your desk – and an entire world of adventure, culture, and history – is waiting!

Selina Cartagena

Enjoy the ultimate remote living experience and find your home-away-from-home at Selina Cartagena!

Ready to find your next destination?

Once you’ve made your way through South America, why not hop over to Central America and soak up the remote lifestyle there? With coworking spaces available throughout countries like Guatemala, Nicaragua, and more, you’ll be sure to find a spot that suits you and your needs!

Why not check out the Selina cowork in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, to answer calls between surf breaks? Or how about settling down at the Selina cowork in Antigua, Guatemala, for a taste of the simple life? Or maybe you’re into the big city vibes and you’d feel more at home at the Selina cowork in Casco Viejo, Panama City. Wherever you go, inspiration will surely follow!

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