Miami Nightlife Guide to the Top Clubs, Bars, and Restaurants

By David Bolaños on Dec 02, 2021

In the cosmopolitan region of Southern Florida lies the city of Miami. Home to a diverse population, Miami, FL, is considered a tourist hotspot due to its seamless culture infusion. Featuring numerous beaches, lavish hotels, and picturesque attractions, Miami is a destination sure to supersede the expectations of regular visitors.

There’s just something about Miami. When you hear this region mentioned, it’s typical to picture the coastal waves on its many beaches, the palm trees breaking into a dance, and the breathtaking serenity that comes with sunrise.

Tap into Miami’s late-night energy and discover amazing vibes, styles, and nightlife options. Before we get started, picture yourself sipping a cocktail surrounded by Wynwood’s street murals or dancing salsa at South Beach’s Mango Tropical Cafe. Amazing, right?

Whether you’re planning on paying a visit to the region or just fulfilling your curiosity, this blog will give you the answers you’re looking for concerning Miami and, more specifically, the nightlife experiences on offer there.

In this nightlife events guide to Miami beach restaurants and nightlife, we’ll address the following:

In this guide, we'll take a look at:

  • 1. About Miami, Florida
  • 2. Miami Party Scene
  • 3. Where to Go Out in Miami
  • 4. Dining Out in Miami
  • 5. Bars and Cocktails in Miami
  • 6. Clubs in Miami
  • 7. Where to Stay in Miami, Florida
  • 8. Conclusion
  • 9. Frequently Asked Questions About Miami
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At the end of this read, you should have a foundation on Miami nightlife. Besides that, this Miami beach nightlife guide will give you some knowledge about the best beach restaurants and clubs to make your stay in the Magic City the best you’ve ever had.

That said, before we get to the good stuff, , let’s take in some background information about Miami, Florida.

About Miami, Florida

Miami’s reputation as the Magic City stems from its legendary nightlife. From the hip warehouse scene in Downtown and Wynwood to South Beach’s mega-clubs, numerous fun spots are available to enjoy Miami’s famous nightlife.

Every Miami neighborhood enjoys its own nightlife identity with diverse offerings of clubs and bars for a fun night regardless of the scene you crave.

The following are some popular Miami neighborhoods to enjoy the nightlife in Miami. Depending on how many days you’re staying, you can pick one to explore or have a taste of them all. They are:

Downtown Miami & Brickell

Downtown Miami, separated from Brickell by the Miami River, is a famous neighborhood for happy hour, featuring beautifully constructed condos, skyscrapers, and lots of nightlife options.

Catering to post-work young professionals who flock to the chic hotel lobby bars and sports bars to unwind, Downtown Miami & Brickell is famous for their weekend after-hours locally-owned cocktail bars, hip restaurants, and nightclubs.

Places to go in Downtown Miami include E11Even, Area 31, The Corner, Club Space, and Mama Tried.

South Beach

When talking about Miami’s nightlife, South Beach is a destination that can’t be relegated to the background. Lined with mega-clubs attracting people every day, South Beach is a barrier island that brushes against the Atlantic Ocean.

Clubs at South Beach feature hip-hop artists, pop stars performing live, international DJs, and celebrities hosting parties at the VIP section. From funky cocktail bars to intimate lounges, finding a terrific party without encountering any issues with the velvet rope is easy in South Beach.

Noteworthy unwind hotspots here include Liv, Story, Basement, and Bodega.


A dynamic destination for Miami’s culture, Wynwood is regarded as the mural-splashed art district featuring world-class contemporary art galleries, buzzy bars, boutiques, and restaurants.

As a popular destination for creative professionals, Wynwood is the place to be when night falls. From live music venues to beer gardens with mouth-watering drink deals, excitement reigns supreme on the Wynwood streets at night.

Places to go for fun include Coyo Taco, Wood Tavern, and Gramps.

Miami Party Scene

Surprisingly, you don’t need to break the bank before having fun in the Miami party scene. Famous for its numerous parties all week long, Miami hosts several affordable nightlife spots scattered across town. Depending on your preference, you can decide to go on a Miami party boat cruise or head down to Greater Miami to enjoy its luxurious playground of elegant restaurants and flashy nightclubs.

Let’s say you’re an art lover and enjoy street music; a move down to Wynwood and its art murals is considered a must. Here, you can also enjoy the numerous dive bars, rooftop bars, and clubs in South Beach. Regardless of your preference, there’s always something for you in Miami, Florida.

Where to Go Out in Miami

Miami, Florida, is a city famous for its nightlife. The Miami nightlife is proof that the best time to have fun in this city is after dark. Tagged as the “Magic City,” Miami comes alive when the drinks start flowing and the music sounds are up. Hence, Miami clubs rank among the best worldwide. At these spots, you’re bound to enjoy the thumping sounds from international DJs.

Besides the clubs, Miami bars are part of what makes their nightlife unique. The best bars in Miami consist of splashy cocktail dens and late-night eateries to keep you entertained all night.

Miami at Night

The best period to enjoy Miami is after dark when the lights are low, and the city comes alive with musical sounds and vibes.

Nightlife in Miami is known across the country, and that’s why the town enjoys a constant influx of celebrities like the late Frank Sinatra and Kim Kardashian. Besides its exclusive upscale clubs and bars, you can also find affordable options for having fun in Miami, Florida.

Things to Do in Miami at Night

Besides dining at its excellent restaurants, some of the things to do in Miami at night include:

Live Jazz Performances

Miami’s Jazz scene is incredibly fantastic, with different venues offering various live shows. Some clubs in Miami hold live Jazz performances every night. For instance, Ball & Chain in Little Havana offers live Jazz performances every night from Mondays to Saturdays. Thus, it was voted as one of the best venues for live music in Miami.

Art Walk at Night

Suppose you’re on a budget and you’d like to discover the incredible artwork in Wynwood, Miami’s art district; consider going for an art walk at night.

Every first Friday of the month, there’s free admission to the Coral Gables Gallery from 6 PM – 10 PM. On the second Saturday of every month, tourists and locals swarm Wynwood streets, Miami’s most colorfully decorated art district, to participate in the Wynwood Art Walk.

Visit a Local Nightclub

Miami nightlife events will be incomplete without clubs. However, when it comes to Miami clubs, expect the unexpected because there’s nothing ordinary or average here. Why? Clubs in Miami double as strip clubs and dinner clubs. At these locations, you get the perfect nightlife in Miami.

Some famous clubs Miami lays claim to include Space (the most popular), LIV (where you’d find most celebrities), E11even (round-the-clock service), and Story.

Dining Out in Miami

At most tourist destinations, dining out is considered an activity that you should do at least once. So, if you’re looking for a spot where you can eat out in Miami, try out these places for a pleasant and fun-filled experience all around. The best restaurants in Miami Beach include:

Necessary Purveyor

If you want to grab a quick bite, consider strolling down to the Necessary Purveyor, a sandwich shop known for kick-ass food in an inviting, sophisticated, yet comfortable spot.

As one of the best restaurants in Miami Beach, the Necessary Purveyor offers avocado toasts, sandwiches, creative bites, amongst other delectable eats.

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SoBe Vegan

This quick-casual restaurant offers a diverse menu, including burgers, salads, bowls, juice, sandwiches, and many more. Just like the name implies, SoBe Vegans provides purely vegan foods.

So, if you’re a vegan looking for Miami Beach restaurants selling vegan-based burgers that will surpass the experience meat lovers enjoy with burgers, SoBe Vegan is your best bet.

NIU Kitchen

This compact Catalonian cafe located in Downtown Miami expanding next door to its sister restaurant, Arson, is the perfect place for diners to space out, savor the Miami night breeze, and enjoy both menus.

As one of the best restaurants in downtown Miami, locals and tourists prefer the seasonal lineup of flame-grilled mains and bold tapas, such as the delicate branzino fillet with a jamón ibérico and guindilla peppers topping.

Bars and Cocktails in Miami

In times past, people visiting Miami, Florida, had one thing in mind to order when they went to bars – a classic Mojito!

However, with modernity in full force, things in the bar and cocktail Miami industry are changing.

Let’s take a look at some noteworthy spots:

Miami Brewing Company

Taking a bit of inspiration from the flair and flavor of Miami, the Miami Brewing Company has made giant strides to ensure that they produce beer using a combo of different spices, fruits, and local herbs.

The goal of the Miami Brewery Company is simple – make beer that’s smooth, tasty, and of high quality. One of the first commercial breweries in Miami, this hotspot features a taproom that’s considered a safe place for patrons who want to have fun with friends and family.

Besides the entertainment in this section, the taproom is a bonding section where people can taste special craft beer from the “rotating pipes.” With bookings available for as low as $5, a cost-effective exciting adventure awaits you!

Bars in Miami Wynwood Area

Some bars to check out in the Miami Wynwood area include:


With a sign that says cocktails, beer, and air conditioning, you don’t need to guess what you’ll enjoy at Gramps. This laidback, longstanding haven in Miami, FL, hosts weekly eclectic live music, karaoke, comedy shows, and DJs. It’s also home to various local brews.

There’s no need to fret when hunger strikes as Gramps has a pizza truck waiting to take your orders.

El Patio Wynwood

While the Latin experience might come off as a rare commodity in Miami, Florida, El Patio Wynwood is one of few Miami bars that seeks to reignite that Latin adventure. With a setup that’s considered to be Columbian-inspired, El Patio Wynwood treats patrons to rich and exotic live salsa bands.

Besides the standard options like Scotch and Whiskey finding a place on the menu, this bar sets the tone in its craft drinks thanks to mixed drinks made from a special homemade honey-based syrup.

South Beach Bars

Despite the reputation, the following bars have received high scores from visiting patrons who came to love the ambiance, and most importantly, the drinks on display. They include:

The ScapeGoat

The ScapeGoat is a bar that has limited space. It’s so tiny that you might see the bartender reaching for drinks from positions you never thought was possible. However, despite its layout, The ScapeGoat has some of the best cocktails out there.

That said, it’s pertinent to note that atmosphere fluctuations are predominant at The ScapeGoat. So, if you’d like to have a good time, you’re advised to come in during the early hours when it’s calm and quiet. On the flip side, if you head to this spot on weekend nights, there’ll most likely be a crowd, and for a place this small, things might get discomforting real quick.

Swizzle Rum Bar & Drinkery

Swizzle Rum Bar & Drinkery, otherwise known as Swizzle, is tagged as a bar that combines the atmosphere obtainable at a tiki bar and a speakeasy at once. Regardless, Swizzle is a spot that resonates comfort and coziness at any given point.

Looking at the menu, you’ll be pleased with the number of different cocktails on display. While all these options taste good, you can never go wrong with Swizzle cocktails.

Best Outdoor Tiki Bars at Miami Beach

You can’t ever go wrong with an outdoor tiki bar in Miami. Here are some of the best alternatives to check out:

Drunken Dragon

This Korean BBQ restaurant at South Beach features sophisticated tiki cocktails, arguably the best in Miami. You can try out their classic Mai Tai made by combining lime and orgeat syrup, Rhum Clement Agricole, and Mount Gay Rum. Each cocktail is served in a unique ceramic tiki glass.


Located in the waterfront areas of Coconut Grove and South Beach, Monty’s Raw Bar has been an operational outdoor tiki bar in Miami since 1969. You can enjoy your stay in Monty’s in a palapa overlooking the marina with frozen drinks like Rum Runner or Piña Colada or a classic tiki cocktail such as a Bahama Mama or Goombay Smash.

Clubs in Miami

Downtown Nightclubs

Want to party all night in Downtown Miami? If so, consider visiting the following Miami clubs:

Club Space

Voted as the most popular of Downtown Miami nightclubs, Club Space is a perfect refuge for dancing in Downtown Miami even after the “break of dawn.” So, if you’re an “after-hours” individual that enjoys partying well after 5 AM, you’ll love clubbing at Club Space.

With world-class DJs delivering upbeat tunes, the dance scene at Club Space will transport you to another dimension.

Lost Boy

Located in Downtown Miami, Lost Boy is one of the best clubs in Miami, famous for its drinking tonics and gin and throwing darts.

The drinks at Lost Boy? Delicious, simple, and effective – a rare trifecta in Miami.


One of Downtown Miami’s new nightlife hotspots, E11EVEN occupies a spot in a massive entertainment complex that’s open 24/7. E11EVEN is a part-nightclub and part-cabaret destination that features DJs, dancers, and other performers for the main event.

As one of the best clubs in Miami, E11EVEN houses a lounge and rooftop restaurant.

Best Clubs in South Beach Miami

If you’d rather party in South Beach, Miami, then consider visiting the following places:


Are you interested in an epic party in the whole of Miami? LIV is your go-to club. Situated inside the famous Fontainebleau resort, this mega-club boasts impressive light shows, a dome-designed ceiling, a mezzanine, and VIP tables along the dance floor.


A new hangout spot located inside the Miami Beach EDITION hotel, Basement takes Miami nightlife to another level. The Discobox (dancing area) sound skews towards nu-disco. Additionally, Basement hosts various weekly themed parties with local and visiting DJs rocking the decks.

Where to Stay in Miami, Florida

While you might be fascinated by visiting this region for fun, you’ll need to make accommodation plans. That said, if you love the after-hours, some of the best places to stay in Miami, FL, for nightlife are Downtown Miami, South Beach, Wynwood, and Coconut Grove.

However, the best place for you to stay in Miami, Florida, will depend on the kind of experience that you’re looking for. Each neighborhood has its unique features and personality profile. Plus , the accommodation types available and their rates vary widely.

If you’re undecided on where to stay in Miami for nightlife, one place you’re sure to enjoy is Selina Hostel Downtown Miami. Located in a former motor inn established during the 1950s, this lovely hostel with its retro vibe is a 5 minute drive from Brickell, close to Highway I and only eight miles from the Miami International Airport.

A few minutes drive from the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Selina Hostel in Downtown Miami features streamlined dorms providing bunk beds, lockers, and Wi-Fi. The hostel offers several amenities like a bar, restaurant, communal kitchen, yoga deck, sundeck, and an outdoor pool. Parking is available, and you can also unwind by enjoying the drive-in cinema.

Private rooms and suites solely use some facilities, including coffeemakers and stunning colorful wall art designs.

Alternatively, you can opt for Selina River Hotel, a trendy hotel established in an early 20th-century house in a green residential neighborhood. This spectacular hotel is 8 miles away from South Beach restaurants and bars and 2 miles from Pérez Art Museum Miami.

Selina River Hotel offers a warm, hip bar, shared kitchen, library, and outdoor pool.


Miami nightlife has shown that the best time to have fun and enjoy the Magic City is after dark when the clubs and bars come to life. However, there are so many things to do in Miami at night. As a tourist, you’ll need to explore the various neighborhoods to see what they offer at night.

With this best guide to Miami Beach restaurants and nightlife, you’re on your way to having the time of your life in Magic City.

Can you imagine missing the best bars in Miami, consisting of late-night eateries and splashy cocktail dens that can keep you partying all night, especially in South Beach? If you don’t want to leave things to your imagination anymore, now might be time to visit this tourist destination.

At Magic City, you shouldn’t be scared of getting a little bit nocturnal!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Miami

  • What Part of Miami Has the Best Nightlife?

    South Beach is undoubtedly the most famous in Miami, FL for the number of bars and clubs. Regardless of the entertainment type you want: a chic, an executive lounge to meet Miami’s elite and celebrities, or a fun, cheesy party, you’ll find it all in South Beach without any hassle whatsoever.

  • How Is Miami Nightlife in January?

    Although Miami residents and visitors have to wait until the festival season before the concert calendar picks up, there are still some great acts to see in January. Due to Florida’s warm weather, you can never run out of outdoor fun activities to do at night in Miami, even at the beginning of the year.

  • Where are the Nightlife Hotspots in Miami, FL?

    Most of the Miami nightlife hot spots are in South Beach. Like the heat and traffic of Miami, the parties never stop. The Downtown Miami & Brickell area puts up a fair fight for the title as well.

  • What Is There to Do in Miami Nightlife?

    Even if you don’t like partying hard, there are plenty of things you can do in Miami at night to unwind. You can check out the museums or mingle with local artists while showcasing their works at Miami art galleries. Strolling through Little Havana or Coral Gables will allow you to mingle with locals.

  • Where Do Celebrities Party in Miami?

    Movie stars, soccer icons, and other celebrity forms have always loved visiting Miami. With its increasing number of one-percenter hotels gleaming in the skyline, you’re probably going to bump into a star out on a stroll or be stuck in traffic. You can catch some of these celebrities partying hard at the LIV, Club Space, and Story.

  • Is It Hard to Get Into Clubs in Miami?

    Seeing as Miami houses most of the hottest party destinations globally, it’s sometimes difficult to get your foot in the door regardless of the numerous clubs available. Story and LIV are Miami’s hottest clubs, and since they have celebrity guests on show every fortnight, their door policy is tough to crack. Nevertheless, there are hundreds of clubs you can quickly get into in Miami.

  • What Is the Party Street in Miami?

    South Beach, Miami is the area with the biggest clubs and bars, and as such, it houses the “party street” in the city – Collins Avenue. Collins Avenue is home to many world-class nightclubs, including LIV, Basement, Wall Lounge, Mynt, and many others, which feature star-studded icons all the time.

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