Work Hard, Play Hard at Selina

By Camila Perez on May 08, 2019

“Work hard, play hard” has become such a common saying that it’s almost a cliche. But at Selina, it’s more than just a phrase. It’s a lifestyle.


In this guide, we'll take a look at:

  • 1. Work Hard Play Hard Meaning
  • 2. Selina’s Approach to Work Hard, Play Hard
  • 3. Selina Community

Selina combines the best parts of travel, work, and adventure in one unique experience. Many of our locations feature Selina CoWork, office space and an entrepreneurial community for digital nomads and remote workers. Community is at the heart of everything we do – hence, the “play hard” part of the equation. No matter whether you’re traveling with a group of friends, or solo traveling and meeting new friends along the way, Selina provides the perfect ecosystem for one and all.

Selina CoLive

A month-by-month rental program starting from just $300/month. What’s included in the Selina CoLive package? Accommodation | Unlimited use of cowork | Free daily wellness class | Restaurant discounts and more!

How does work hard, play hard translate into life at Selina? Here’s how we live this motto in our destinations around the globe, each and every day.

Work Hard Play Hard Meaning

But first, some background. Where did the phrase “work hard, play hard” come from, and what does it mean?

It’s been used in songs and TV shows, but most experts aren’t entirely sure where the phrase originated. There’s also been some debate as to whether the work hard, play hard meaning is even valid. Is it physically possible to work hard and play hard?

Scientists say yes. In a study of nearly 1400 undergraduates at Queen’s University, researchers sought to evaluate whether it was possible to be successful both in leisure pursuits and career goals. They tested students on a variety of metrics, and found a “strong correlation between attraction to accomplishment and attraction to leisure,” according to Forbes Magazine. In the study’s results nearly 40% of data shows a link between accomplishment (work) and leisure (play). In summary, depending on certain factors, individuals exists who are motivated to excel in both pleasurable life pursuits and ambitious goals related to career.

Selina’s Approach to Work Hard, Play Hard

Selina integrates this motto into many facets of our offering. Selina CoWork, Selina Explore, and Selina Wellness are all elements of our work hard, play hard approach to travel (and life!).

Selina CoLive

A month-by-month rental program starting from just $300/month. What’s included in the Selina CoLive package? Accommodation | Unlimited use of cowork | Free daily wellness class | Restaurant discounts and more!

Selina CoWork

The digital nomad movement has grown exponentially over the last decade. More and more people are realizing the possibility of remote work, and expanding the definition of what it means to telecommute by taking their office on the road. Selina supports this type of work-life balance by opening coworking spaces in cities and remote locations around the world.

Selina CoWork was born from the desire to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Our offices offer the amenities you need to be productive while on the road. Printing, free coffee, meeting space, and phone booths come standard in Selina CoWork. We bring high-speed internet to spaces deep in remote jungles or next to the beach. Our community of entrepreneurs fosters creativity and collaboration through workshops, networking events, and skills sharing in our many coworking spaces. Flexible membership options means anyone can come join our office spaces for the day, a week, or longer. No matter what you’re working on, Selina CoWork is here to help you do it from anywhere and as effectively as possible.

Selina Explore

The ability to work from anywhere is just one part of our mission. Working hard is possible in our beautiful, collaborative coworking space; playing hard is made possible by Selina’s commitment to integrating with local cultures and offering new ways to explore.

Selina Explore is our collection of tours and travel adventures curated from local operators unique to each destination. We seek to show you a new way to travel. Whether it’s waterfall jumping in La Fortuna, taking a wine tour in Porto, or hot air ballooning over the pyramids of Mexico City, Selina is here to guide you as you push your boundaries. Explore parts unknown on adventure tours designed to get your heart racing. Taste the flavors of a new country on food tours and beer crawls. Dance the night away at some of our favorite bars and nightclubs in cities like Bogota, Cancun, and Buenos Aires. No matter how you choose to spend your time, Selina has an adventure on tap waiting for you.

Selina Explore packages make it possible to enjoy everything we offer without breaking your budget. Head off on a Detox to Retox package in Manuel Antonio for the perfect combination of wellness and social outings. Or, challenge your fitness with a Surf and Fitness package in Santa Teresa to bring your surf game to the next level. Culture and history lovers will enjoy Porto’s Wine Experience – three nights of exploring and sampling wines from the Douro and Verde regions.

Selina Wellness

The way to achieve a work hard, play hard lifestyle is to find the perfect balance. Travel can wear you down quickly, which is why we offer a number of wellness activities to help you stay healthy no matter how you spend your energy. Whether you’re seeking a break from working hard, or recovery from a big night out, Selina wellness has the activities you need to charge up and get back out there. Try a morning yoga session, a meditation workshop, or a wellness package for intense focus on your body, mind and spirit.

Selina Community

The thing that makes us different – and special – is our vibrant, friendly, and interesting community. Work hard with fellow entrepreneurs and freelancers. Play hard with other backpackers or solo travelers. We attract a diverse crowd of people who keep you company on whatever adventure you choose.

Playing hard isn’t just about partying hard (though we do some of that too). It’s about finding the thing that makes you happy: yoga, skydiving, surfing, and or relaxing in the sun, and doing more of it. Our community is full of people from all walks of life who are on the same journey to self-discovery and happiness that you are. Join us by booking your next adventure at Selina today.

Selina CoLive

A month-by-month rental program starting from just $300/month. What’s included in the Selina CoLive package? Accommodation | Unlimited use of cowork | Free daily wellness class | Restaurant discounts and more!

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