What is Selina?

By Camila Perez on Apr 29, 2019

Selina is expanding rapidly across the globe, opening new locations nearly every week. As we spread the word about our brand, many travelers wonder what makes us different.

In this guide, we'll take a look at:

  • 1. What is Selina?
  • 2. Selina Combines Lifestyle, Travel and Hospitality
  • 3. Accommodation
  • 4. Food + Beverage
  • 5. CoWork
  • 6. Music
  • 7. Tours + Transportation
  • 8. Interested in staying with Selina?

Selina is way more than accommodation. Each new destination gives us the opportunity to share our story, connect with the travel community, and spread our mission to those seeking the perfect combination of travel, work, adventure, wellness, and more. As we continue to grow, we wanted to take a minute to set out what Selina is all about.

Selina CoLive

A month-by-month rental program starting from just $300/month. What’s included in the Selina CoLive package? Accommodation | Unlimited use of cowork | Free daily wellness class | Restaurant discounts and more!

What is Selina?

Selina offers a unique combination of experiences and accommodation, melding together stylish, comfortable rooms for every budget with wellness, surfing, volunteering, adventure, music, and more. At the core of Selina is a community for connecting with others. We’re a home base and meeting ground for nomads, travelers, locals and explorers who are discovering a new way to explore, work, and experience the world. We’ve built an ecosystem where global and local communities stay, play, work, and live.
Our mission is to inspire authentic, meaningful connections with people, places and communities around the world. We want to lift barriers between people, places, and cultures.

Our vision is to provide our guests with seamless global access and fully enable their nomadic lifestyles through the curation of inspiring physical spaces, the development of a dynamic platform and creation of holistic stay, work and live products.

We started as a small, intimate community in Latin America, and since then, we’ve grown our family to include incredible destinations around the world. Our platform combines the energy, spirit, and culture of each location with music, adventure, surfing, coworking, and food: the things that make for a rich, fulfilling experience. To anyone seeking a deeper connection to the world, Selina may be the missing piece you’re looking for.

Selina Combines Lifestyle, Travel and Hospitality

Like no other travel brand, Selina brings together the elements that make for a rich and rewarding life, all under one roof.

Every Selina is founded on spaces for guests, locals and travelers to come together to have fun, hang out and socialize. Communal areas, filled with custom art made by local talent, are the heart of our virtual village – like the piazza or town square. Digital nomads, nonstop travelers, break-takers, local communities and Selina staff make up our “neighborhood.”

Community is our lifeblood. Selina offers more than 3,000 events and activities each month. Whether it’s a cooking workshop, yoga class, or even a jazz festival, we love bringing people together. Here are some of the things that stand out about the Selina experience.


Our goal is to bring together travelers from all backgrounds and cultures. To do so, we have rooms for every size group and every budget. From tents and teepees to dorm beds, standard rooms, luxury apartments, or our one-of-a-kind Loft room, we want everyone to feel right at home at Selina. No matter which room you stay in, you’ll have high quality linens, pillows and mattresses. You’ll have AC, fans, heaters, great lighting and Selina’s signature artistic touches.

We take great pride in thinking about the details. Spots for your bags, phone, laptops, books, chargers; thoughtfully-placed side tables, lamps, and mirrors: every moment of the guest experience has informed the design of our rooms. When it comes to sleep, we know that privacy is important. Our community rooms and bunk beds have been designed specifically with privacy and convenience in mind.

Food + Beverage

Come by our bar and restaurant, open from breakfast to dinner. Our menu serves up healthy, balanced meals with sustainably sourced ingredients from local producers. Each destination offers a selection of local and international beer brands, a wide selection of spirits as well as freshly prepared smoothies and a great selection of signature cocktails.


No matter how long you choose to stay, we’re here to help you get connected. We offer our guests and the community the ability to work remotely from some of the most spectacular office locations: beach fronts, places of outstanding natural beauty, urban and cultural centers. Selina Cowork is a network of shared, community-first offices that bring together creativity, tranquility and productivity to form a community of digital nomads and global innovators.


Nothing can trigger an emotional connection to a place or time like music. There’s nothing like having the right soundtrack to create or enhance an amazing experience. The staff sets the playlist in every location. At night, our spaces transform as our programming brings together an eclectic selection of styles and moods in order to set the perfect tone. From local hip hop and breakbeat to trending electronic dance music and everything in between, there’s a good chance you’ll hear something that will totally blow your mind.

Tours + Transportation

We always encourage our guests to discover the world beyond Selina’s walls. Our tours and experiences highlight the best of local culture, nature and experience. Some of our most popular activities include surfing, art, design, cooking, rafting and hiking. We work closely with our neighbors to ensure travelers tap into an authentic local vein, not a tourist trap. We carefully curate experiences that cultivate interaction and learning in each location, building a bridge between the traveler, local community and the surrounding areas.

Interested in staying with Selina?

Keep an eye out for us as you travel the globe. We’re opening new destinations nearly every week. Follow us on Instagram for all the updates, and stay tuned to see what we come up with next!

Selina CoLive

A month-by-month rental program starting from just $300/month. What’s included in the Selina CoLive package? Accommodation | Unlimited use of cowork | Free daily wellness class | Restaurant discounts and more!

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