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From waterfalls to national parks, volcanoes to mountain ranges, Costa Rica boasts a diverse landscape waiting to be explored. Due to the country’s unique topography traveling from town to town can often be more challenging than other Central American countries.

The country has great tourism infrastructure and tourist shuttles can get you from destination to destination very easy, however if traveling on a tighter budget you may opt for public buses to get around the country. If you’re traveling from Nicaragua, check out the guide to getting into Costa Rica. This guide will help you get from popular towns within Costa Rica.

The hanging bridge in Monteverde’s Cloud Forest

A woman walks across the hanging bridges in Monteverde.

Bus from Tamarindo to Monteverde

In order to get to Monteverde from Tamarindo, you must take the bus back to Liberia. From here jump on the bus heading towards Punta Arenas and asked to be dropped off at La Irma. From Irma cross the road and get the 3pm bus to Monteverde / Santa Elena. It’s suggested to get an early bus from Tamarindo so you are on the 1pm bus to Punta Arenas and the 3pm bus from La Irma.

“Enjoy the ride” Kombi at Selina Tamarindo

Selina Tamarindo.

Traveling from Tamarindo to Santa Teresa?

The most cost effective way to travel from Tamarindo to Santa Teresa is by tourist shuttle. The alternative is to catch a bus to Nicoya and another one to Puerto Carrilla and a taxi the remainder of the way. This will take more than 5 hours and will cost more than the shuttle service.

Drone picture of Jaco coastline

Aerial view of Jaco’s coastline.

Water-taxi from Santa Teresa to Jaco or Manuel Antonio

The quickest and best way to get from Santa Teresa to Jaco and Manuel Antonio, or vice versa is by speedboat. Most of the tour companies will offer door-to-door service, which includes a van to the water-taxi and a shuttle to the accommodation on the other side.

two feet looking down from the rainforest canopy in Monteverde Cloud Forest

View from the rainforest canopy in Monteverde’s cloud forest.

How to get from Jaco to Monteverde?

The cheapest way to get from Jaco to Monteverde is by bus and the quickest is by tourist shuttle. If taking the public transport option, catch a bus from Jaco to Punta Arenas and then another bus that’s heading towards Liberia. Ask to be dropped off at La Irma and wait at the bus stop heading to Monteverde / Santa Elena. There are two buses per day, 10am and 3pm.

How to get from Monteverde to La Fortuna?

Both Monteverde and La Fortuna are both remote areas with unpathed roads. This makes it more difficult and longer to reach. The easiest way to get from Monteverde to La Fortuna, or vice versa is to take a transfer tour that consists of a Jeep ride, a boat trip and then another jeep ride. For those up for an adventure there are also horse riding trips that can take you between Monteverde and La Fortuna.

The most economical way is to take a public bus. This requires taking a bus to Tilaran from either Monteverde to La Fortuna and then changing the bus that’s destined for the other location. The journey will take approximately eight to nine hours with the change in Tilaran.

The tepee accommodation at Selina Puerto Viejo

Tepees at Selina Puerto Viejo.

How to get from San Jose to Puerto Viejo?

There are at least six buses a day that travel from San Jose to Puerto Viejo. Head to the Terminal MEPE in San Jose and purchase your bus ticket. These buses can get busy so in order to be able to travel at your desired time and date it’s suggested to purchase your ticket at least a day in advance.

The pool at Selina Manuel Antonio

People relaxing at Selina Manuel Antonio’s pool area.

Where to stay in Costa Rica:

Whether it’s having your head up in the clouds near Monteverde’s cloud forest, relaxing by the resort pool in Nosara or sleeping in a tepee amongst the lush jungle in Puerto Viejo, Selina properties in Costa Rica is the place to enjoy all sides of traveling. Make lasting friends, connect with the conscious community and experience the Selina way of traveling.

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